Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hi all what's up everyone! Lacerta here :).

Some of you probably know me already, most of you probably don'

Well anyway this is a short introduction and random facts about me :)

I, umm...., loved GUNPLA ever since I was a kid.
The very first Gundam I watched was Gundam Z, since then I started to like Gundam and promised myself to build my own Gundam models :)

Anyway, I made this blog to share with everyone my works, insights and knowledge on GUNPLA.

I will post my honest reviews on all the GUNPLA I own to help everyone in choosing what future models to buy or to checkout the models for whatever other reasons they have :).

I will also share my WIP(Work In Progress) and Finished works here for everyone to see :)

I will try to update this blog at least weekly and make the blog as fun, informative and as full of pictures as possible ^_^. So wish me luck.

Welcome to the world of Gundams (^_^)\/


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